Custom fishing rods have come a long way in today's market. At Feathercast, we turn our top of the line Rainshadow and Forecast brand rod building materials into custom made fishing rods that will be one of the lightest yet toughest rods in your boat. Should you need assistance or technical expertise, you may contact our Master Rod Builder personally and he will help you build the rod of your dreams.

All of our custom designed and hand-crafted fishing rods are backed by a Limited Lifetime Guarantee because we are confident that once you fish with one of our custom rods, you won't want to go anywhere else.


Something Unique

The hand built and custom built fishing rods that we make have a unique design feature that really makes them outperform any other fishing rod on the market today. Our master rod builder has developed a custom rod design that removes a section of the cork a few inches below the reel seat for a couple of reasons. First, it drastically reduces unnecessary weight. When holding the fishing rod, your hand rarely, if ever touches this section of the handle. By removing the cork in this area, we have eliminated several precious ounces. This can make a big difference after hours of fishing on the water. Also, when a full length cork is applied, it must be glued throughout the cork rod handle to ensure it stays mounted correctly. This means that the rod blank has no chance to flex in this area under the cork. By eliminating the cork, your rod blank can flex completely through to the butt-cap, thus giving you a level of "feel" that no other custom fishing rod can offer. These two unique benefits make our Feathercast Custom Fishing Rods truly remarkable and we are certain that once you fish with a Feathercast Custom Fishing Rod, you won't go back!!!

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